Looking for feedback with Fire Conversion Spellbreaker


I have a medal that converts ring of steel and quick cut to 100% fire dmg.

Looking to make this a very fast clearspeed build.

Planning to: shadow strike in, flash freeze, callidors tempest&ring of steel, then lmb whatever mobs are left with execution & quick cut. Lots of fire dmg and lots of devotion procs. Any feedback on this build for HC ultimate would be appreciated.


Given there’s next to zero fire support in terms of nightblade you’re setting yourself up for a losing prospect. There’s also many questionable choices being made throughout.

OFF is a nigh worthless option to invest in for endgame. Monsters tend to be nigh immune to its freeze, it only affects the weakest things and any reasonable build will demolish those basic mobs in a heartbeat.

Ring of steel and transmuted CT won’t do that much damage if you don’t have much weapon damage, which the linked build doesn’t.

In terms of skill investment night’s chill does nothing for you as you’re targeting fire damage, elemental awakening does next to nothing when you have no cold -> fire, pneumatic burst isn’t at a softcap and it’s criminal to neglect shadow dance.

Overload is a worthless skill, you’re missing 12/12 inner focus, 1pt nullification and mental alacrity, and you don’t have an exclusive.

Even with components and augments this concept is a train wreck. There is nothing to be sought in terms of a fire damage spellbreaker when neither of the classes offers resistance reduction options.

Frail, unreliable.

Too many skills, you seem to be under impression that more AOE skills result in a better clear speed. Not always true, in fact nightblade builds often cherrypick heroes and ignore the crowd, while you deliberately try to make some weird caster. Might work, but when it comes to weird concepts you’re on your own and noone would guarantee you it’ll work ok.

Questionable DPS against bosses.
No Mirror
No Inner Focus
No Lethal Assault
No Breath of Belgothian
Not a point into Arcane Will
Not a point into Nullification
Not a point into Circle of Slaughter
Low Shadow Dance
Low Veil of Shadow
Fully offensive devotions.
Sorry, doesn’t stand a chance.

The change I’d do first is switching to Saboteur and then developing build from there. Sabo is also quite frail as a class, but at least that’s doing it the intended way.

Thank you for the feedback… My general goal recently has been to make a neat conversion build based on one of the MI 100% conversions that apply to skills.

If it’s any help, Pre Aom i tried 2x Warpfire Spellbreaker to convert Frostburn from Star pact and Elemental awakening. Also did it with Sorc. Results were ok-ish had 150K Dot whcih for fire was ok pre AOM but scrapped the build. It’s doable in campaign