Looking for friends to play this with

Hi i’ve been playing this game for few years now and I’ve never really had a dedicated group of friends to play this with i have 6 lvl 100 and i love running through dungeons and nemesis hunting. I havn’t played shattered realm to much but i love to play it with a group and get into it more.

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I haven’t picked up the expansions yet but I plan to in 1-2 months when I finish the base game. Right now I’m just leveling up alts to 85 and trying out different builds. I have ~6 level 85 characters and I plan to make a few more before I buy both expansions.

If you are still playing and looking to group I’ll hit you up!

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Yeah that be Awesome! My steam name is Evil-Disco if you like to add me. I’m on almost every night.

Okay cool! My steam name is Olympeus.

I’ll try to add you on Steam but it’s been a while since I added someone. Hopefully I remember how :slight_smile: I

After I stopped playing WoW and then DOTA years ago I kind of got burned out on multi-player games.

i would be happy too. not sure how to though.