Looking for fun Ranged Build

Hi there, about to get back into GD after a few years in PoE.

Looking for a FUN ranged build (maybe guns?) but definitely want to be able to do end game content.

Any build guides you can link on here for me? What classes should I browse for ranged options?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you have of the game itself? Just the base or the expansions as well? Makes a difference to what we can suggest, but there are some beginner builds in here that might work for you.

Hello :slight_smile:

I have the first expansion and crucible!

I did see that compendium it just had so many options and I am unfamiliar with which classes to look at.

I guess my main question is how do I know which builds are better/stronger then others?

When I click on a guide online I can usually tell by the amount of replies/upvotes and people raving about the build. I can’t seem to find a good measure on these forums for popularity

I am finding it a bit difficult to figure out in the compendium which builds are strongest at the moment

Well, if you only have Ashes of Malmouth then ignore any class that has Oathkeeper in it since that only appears if you have Forgotten Gods.

You can also have a look at this compendium

though it’'s a bit outdated now with FG’s release and subsequent patches.

here you are some awesome ranged Auto-Attackers and Casters builds

I am honestly looking for fun and end game viability. Ranged is preferred but not necessary.

Looking forward to getting into the game!

Thank you! I will take a look.

Thank you!

I was actually looking at the Janey Powell Paladin Gunslinger.

You recommend this build? Is it more of an end-game build and the items are impossible to get or will I have fun leveling and playing through the game with this build too.

Thanks again!

Oh it is your build! Awesome! Hahaha.

I think I am gonna go for it! Is there any good posts about what the leveling process / stat allocation? Or is it so easy to respec that I just do whatever and respec once I get higher levels into your build?

I do see the devotion list on your guide’s comments. Thanks!

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Yes, it’s very strong build

Is it more of an end-game build and the items are impossible to get

Yes, it’s 100% 94+ lvl build with full items

or will I have fun leveling and playing through the game with this build too

You can experience difficulties when leveling from 0 lvl with 2 guns. Better until 94 level swing under shield and sword (or caster)

Awesome thanks! So I would really want to pick another build with the same classes that is more beginner friendly to help with the leveling process and then respec into yours at lvl 94?

Any recommendations? This one?

It is the same build
Sorry, don’t understand that you mean

I think Paladin is not the easiest class for leveling from 0
If you want spend min time from 0 to 94 you can choose Vindicator
It is very strong class and can be simple leveling by Primal Strike skill

At 94 you made respec and choose something like that

You can also check this build, if you prefer non-standard solutions! :slight_smile:
And this one [] Let's bring BIG GUNS TO THE BATTLE - Desolator Purifier [c+] [sr+] if you want a heavy ranged tank!