Looking for help controlling dual wield pistol build

I am trying to make a dual wield pyromancer pistol build but find the character runs up to the monsters and shoots them point blank rather than standing back and shooting. I know I can use “shift” to make him stay put but just wonder what’s going on?

I am also trying to make the build a hybrid pet build and wondered if this was possible and if so what devotions would be best?

  1. I think mouse users can put the autoattack on the RMB (right mouse button) to fire in place. Not an issue for controllers, as you have no choice but to fire in place.

  2. Yes, a pet-hybrid is very viable. There are 2 types which focus on different abilities/devotions and compromise.
    a. player-scaling
    b. pet-scaling

Correct and works perfectly :wink:

I have firestrike on LMB at moment, can I put it on RMB?, I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

i usually put “move to” on LMB and the mainattack (firestrike or similar) on RMB when playing a shooter or ranged caster character. they don’t run up to target when you autoshoot with RMB.

alternatively, one of the modifier keys (shift i think) also locks you into shooting without running when you attack with LMB. but tbh it’s way too tedious for my taste to always hold down that key.