Looking for help with a Blackwater cocktail burn build

Hey I am trying to make a BWC build. I’m still pretty new to the game my highest char atm is like 50.

Hereis a rough build off what I am planning but I’m sure there’s alot of improvements to be made. I am not sure if solider is the subclass or what. Any advice is welcome.

I really like the playstyle of AOE dots and BWC seems really fun. If there’s another ability that is similar but way better I would love to hear it as well. I don’t care if it’s not the best build I just want to be able to clear ultimate/crucible at some point.

Go for Sorcerer (Arcanist/Demolitionist) instead. Pyromancer (Occultist/Demolitionist) can also work. http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50230 This guy’s build is a good starting place.

For your own customization, just know that you are going to be using a one-handed weapon and a caster off-hand (orb, book, scepter). You are going to want to get Thermite mines up to 9 points for their resistance reduction. Flashbang should be maxed while its modifier is only kept at 1 point. You will want points in Blast Shield, and you will likely not want to take the transmuter (the thing that gives it a CD but increases damage, nodes that look like that are called transmuters) on BWC. Vindictive Flame is something that you’ll want at 11 points.