Looking for help with a Witchblade build

Hey all, I just started playing again after about a year away from the game and after beating it again with a Dual Wield Pyromancer I started up a new Witchblade with the goal in mind of going for a 2H Cadence tank build and I need some suggestions on what skills/devotions to grab

Would Blade Arc/Forcewave be better as a default than Cadence? Is it worth it to grab Pox or CoF?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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Curse of frailty is always a must, it gives big RR to many damage types, it slows ennemies’ movement and it procs devotions like mad.
Unless you got a really specific build that doesn’t need all that, you can’t really go wrong with CoF.

Blade arc is cool but lack single target DPS, but you could go Cadence and Blade arc with modifier (clean sweep).
I don’t really like it though, it feels too clunky for me. It’s more a feeling than anything else but each time I try it, it doesn’t seem to work a good as it should.

If you go physical, you can try these devotions : http://grimcalc.com/build/1009-DIHWc9, its great with my blademaster.
You might want Twin fang or Wendigo’s mark on CoF though.

Forcewave and Blade Arc both are good for AoE damage with 2-hander, sure, but for single target, Cadence is still superior. But if you’ll go for Cadence, there is no point to use 2-hander.
I’d adviced to try Forcewave first. It looks a bit better than Blade Arc for me.
About devotions - Assassin’s mark proc is must-have, obviously. Kraken is must-have for 2-hander too. The rest is up to you.

I know that in general DW>2H, but really? No point in 2H for the skill with biggest weapon damage component?

Depends on preference usually, but… Cadence is default attack, default attack, actually damaging Cadence proc. So the attack speed you cash get via dual wielding is pretty huge. I’ve done viable 2H Cadence, so have many others, but for this, Dual is usually better.

Not DW, lol. 1-H+shield is superior for Cadence. And you know why? Because Deadly Momentum and Menhir’s Bulwark together provide so much flat damage, that extra damage from 2-hander becomes obsolete.
As for using Cadence with DW - it’s also bad. Yes, you attack a bit faster, but you cant use WPS, and DW without WPS is equal to using 1-hander, but without shield (with its massive stats) and without Menhir’s Bulwark. It’s all because Cadence proc overrides any WPS, unlike Savagery, that multiplies its damage with WPS damage.
And no, Cadence isnt the skill with highest Weapon Damage component. Savagery deals far more Weapon Damage, especially with WPS.

That’s not strictly true. You CAN use WPS, and there’s little reason not to, as long as you do it carefully and understand the % proccing of WPS. There’s still two default attacks that you could very much benefit from replacing, even though the Cadence proc cannot be replaced. With Witchblade, your only option would really be Markovian’s, but there’s also Blademasters to consider.

Why do some people insist on saying these words? It’s a straight up lie/misrepresentation. One attack out of three gets Cadence. That’s a big whoop to me. Hell, simply increasing your attack speed evens that out. The faster your speed=more attacks per second=more chances to proc WPS. Plus you still get to pop mobs like so much cherry with Cadence.

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Is Kraken really an absolute must, for a Forcewave build?

Doesn’t Forcewave rely on Casting Speed?

Or do the other three nodes still make that much difference, in spite of the waste of all that lovely, lovely AS in those two nodes?

Kraken still provides a lot of damage and crit damage. Even without attack speed, it’s strong.

Ok, you can technically use WPS, but they wont multiply Cadence’s damage, and furthermore, their chance to proc will be penaltized by 33%. I dont think that putting more that 1 point in any WPS is worth it for Cadence, not that it will improve damage significantly. It isnt even close to how WPS skills can improve DPS of Savagery or Fire Strike.

Shield allows to use Menhir’s Bulwark, incredibly strong buff. With it, you’re forced to use much weaker Oleron’s Rage. And shield can give very good stats too. Blitz hits with both weapon and shield, dealing double damage essentially, and Witchblade must use Blitz to reduce enemy’s DA. Soldier also has skills like Overguard, Shield Training and Menhir’s will, that wont work for DW. All that makes 1-h+shield choice much better than DW. And even with 1-h+shield, you can get high enough attack speed, btw.