Looking for Mage hunter leveling build

Hi, I have just finished normal with Mage hunter using OFF with skyshard, however it began struggling a bit at the end of normal, and elite is unapproachable at all. Could give me some advices on what is the best build for leveling? Please also include some key devotions as I’m new to the game and dont have a clue what is good.

@Nery has a mage hunter guide here Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods) under “builds for beginners”


Thanks, helped a bit.

if you need more help, ask in that thread :slight_smile:

You could also take a look at this Mage Hunter Build, so far I have had a lot of fun playing it. :slight_smile:


AAR is crap for leveling

(and that guide is probably the worst of “his” builds… 900 armor, 2.3k DA, +1300% dmg and 9k health… this is how a noob friendly AAR Mage Hunter looks like: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWlOJ0Z here is more info: ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds )

That AAR is crap for leveling is your opinion, not mine. :slight_smile: I have a lot of fun with that build, in fact all his builds work really well. I am not going into a discussion with you or any one else who has something against the method Requinox uses for his build guides, because that leads no where here. His build guides are really great for beginners to use, and learn the game.

Besides the build I linked to has a end game conversion Grimtools build link that has much better stats in those areas. And I am offering Elegist options, and that is why Elegist made this thread … period. :slight_smile:

With just some modifications (going lightning instead of aether) and picking up appropriate faction gear and farmable MI’s you can get a build that is twice as durable and around double dps WITHOUT legendaries (well faction amulet is legendary technically speaking). Just saying.

If you have fun leveling with AAR then great :slight_smile: