Looking for melee build- few skills (handicap)

last year i lost 2 fingers on left hand- 2 weeks hospital, 3 surgery- they were able to put my fingers back…but will take a long time to use them properly…
So for now i’m playing Fluffy and Ishtar builds (thx Maya) only using mouse with 7 keys

I’m looking for an easy(no piano, few skills) to play melee build. No retaliation

Thx :slight_smile:

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avenger warder/archon
ex [] 2H Avenger Archon Callagadra kill 2m50s, Ravager kill 1m40s, Mogdrogen kill 1m55s, Crate of Entertainment kill 1m, SR 75~76 easy farm[vid]

auto attacker dervish or blademaster can also be pretty light on buttons, depending on what type of content you want them to do

suppose you could do an “unoptimized”/lazy cadence death knight
likewise on a blitzer or skater

shadowstriker is fairly few buttons, but not necessarily “casual” because of its squishyness so the support/“oh sht” buttons might be stressful in some situations

forcewave spammer, if you can accept the limited content you can make it fairly tanky and 1button’ish, tho it might not exactly rock your world from excitement

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Thx mate, will have a look

what are you talking about? [] No-set Physical Forcewave Death Knight -> CR 4:50/ 170ex naked 6:55/ SR 105/ Ravager 2:20 + Mogdrogen 2:35 + Crate boss/ 75-76 farmer

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Thx Ulvar, looks like only few keys to press :grinning: exactly what i need

you can make it even easier to play:


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i say “limited” content, because the second you start tinkering with a build, to make it “lazy”/1button, it potentially drastically reduces effectiveness and capability - which would in general apply to most builds, not just phys FW spammer, hence similar mentions on the other builds too, since i’m trying to keep in mind OP playing with 1 hand

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One can make an almost immortal lazy retal tank too. All content viable.

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was my first thought too, then i noticed OP put a little “no retal” disclaimer note at the end :laughing:
(for some reason :no_mouth:)

yeah I know, but in general :slight_smile:

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