Looking For relaxed Primal Strike (melee) build

Hello everyone, as in the title, I am looking for a build that I can play without getting too stressed about dying, relaxing gameplay (but not too lazy) build of sorts.

I’m really liking Primial Strike and I’d like to build my character around it. I tried looking in the compedium but that got me ever more confused on what to choose :stuck_out_tongue:

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi, you can look at this build for general conceptual endgame advice:


When Forgotten Gods is released the devotion setup and maybe some of the gear should change. In particular you probably won’t need that insanely rare green medal he’s using.

Of course as a new player you won’t have those nice legendaries right away, so in the meantime you can consult this thread for gearing advice:


It’s still perfectly playable but… I wouldn’t ever go for elementalist for any reason other than never having tried it before. Maybe things were different in but now it’s the worst possible shaman combination (imo ofc).

Most relaxed and problem-free PS build would be vindicator closely followed by conjurer. Warder is also a good choice.

Pretty sure Ritualist would be a bad lightning PS char.

I also agree Elementalist is not very good until Thermite Mines are reworked (if ever). But, the gearing advice in Stupid Dragon’s thread is still very good for new players. SD himself admitted later in that thread that Conjurer and Vindicator are better but that the general gearing advice is still valid.

Vindicator indeed has the best defensive QoL but Conjurer has the best offensive QoL, IMHO. In the end I have to agree with Superfluff that Conjurer is the one true and only Ultos class. :wink:

Vindicator, Warder and Conjurer perform at the same level time-wise. Mercymaker tested all of them

If Thunderous Strike is selected, is PS based on attack speed or casting speed?

Attack speed.

What does it mean if Mercymaker tested all of them:p

@ OP I can vouch for conjurer. Although i’ve made variations to it in time. Whatever you chose PS is easy until you get into mid Ultimate even untweaked. Maybe end of elite if you don’t gear resists well.

But at some point you either have the end game gear to play lazy or you don’t and you farm it. If you can acknowledge that, you won’t end up frustrated.:slight_smile:

So far he has fastest runs with Primal Strike here on forums. No reason to not trust his tests.
Btw I’m pumping my warder with horse steroids and soon we’ll see who’s the best class for Ultos :stuck_out_tongue:

It means i tested all 3 of them and they all basically played the same and had the same clear speed in crucible.

  1. Only as far as you know:p
  2. PS has been proven really worth time and again since long ago, it’s not an issue of trust.
  3. There is no “authority” or sinnlge person reference over any 1 build. Even a build poster. Unless maybe if it’s something completely new that just shows what something that was overlooked can do. By that logic Ultos set and PS with or without ultos set would be first shown by Jajaja. The fact that Crucible didn’t exist back then matters no due to nr 4.
  4. I doubt the OP is interested in 10 sec or 1 min differences in builds that play crucible. It seems he wants to chill
  5. Record times in crucible, with whatever build, while fun to do and done it myself now that I have an actual PC, are a bit arbitrary are they not? You get to decide the runs that look best and also mutators. It’s pretty nice to have an elemental build and get Armored and Tainted mutators let’s say. If there are no other mutators that hinder damage, this roll of the dice is potentially your fastest run…you decide at the end if you like it and declare it your best. Even more, THE best.
    6…You can do nr 5 too you know:) Only need to be aggressive but not suicidal.

You are being modest and that is nice. Veteranga’s answer was different from yours in it’s message. All i’m trying to say is that it goes waaay beyond the point of helping OP, and then I added some stuff of my own from my experience with Crucible, 95% of which was in a lag fest

Again, I said “Vindicator, Warder and Conjurer perform at the same level time-wise. Mercymaker tested all of them”
My point was to not focus only on Conjurer or Vindicator or Warder, any of these is good. You got me wrong

Well i can only speak from what my experience was while testing out the various ultos combinations.

As for helping OP, Veretragna is right though, since OP hasn’t specified really if he just wants to run around MC and chill or if if wants to run around in MC and Crucible and chill (though who the hell chills in crucible :rolleyes:), all 3 of those classes are a solid choice for chilling in main campaign, simply because main campaign isn’t really that challenging atm (outside of celestial bosses). Personally i’d go for a warder (because blitz). Though since FG is right around the corner and will offer global movement skills, you can’t really go wrong with any of the class combinations. The Ultos set is strong enough that you can beat MC no problem on just single mastery shaman

THE strongest Ultos build is a ranged vindicator with a double rare Ugdenbog Sparkthrower and Aura of Censure.

Among full set Ultos builds Conjurer should be the fastest (but not by much really) but also the squishiest.

Warder is just comfortable to play because Soldier mastery covers a lot of stats like attack speed, OA/DA, Armor/Armor Absorption, some resists, Stun resist, etc.

Personally I still like my Druid, which is a bit slower because I chose not to abuse “Thunderous Strike” and went with classic Savagery + Primal Strike as a nuke combination.

If you mean for mobility then meh. Indeed conjurer used to have Chaos strike for example if one wanted to do that. The only thing Conjurer needs more of is probably DA if you want to be safer. BTW Druid can be surprisingly close to conjurer. if you time mirror right you can play even more suicidal with similar kill speed. Was hard for me to admit but there you go

FG will fix this need with flying colors fortunately

Sure, I meant imo elementalist is the worst combo overall not the worst lightning combo.

I’m not sure about conjurer being king… It’s a small margin but vindicator would get my vote, if it means anything.

Wow, thanks for so much insight.

So from what I’ve seen so far, I’m leaning more towards Vindicator or Warder.

Which one do you guys think I should go for?

Warder is here.
You can see the Vindicator version of this build too, in the end of the OP.

John_Smith designed the PS Vindicator too, it’s very strong.

Ok, Thank you for help :slight_smile: