Looking for Skill Suggestion

Hey all, I’ve been playing Grim Dawn off and on since before there were any expansions. Looking to get back in it and my last time played was April 2019. I used to have a hardcore retaliation build and a softcore Warlock that were both pretty good but my hard drive crashed and I lost them. I currently have a lvl 53 Warlord that is mostly using the shield charge skill (which is strong but with a 3 sec cd it feels slow to play) and a lvl 38 Elementalist that was first using grenado and switched to the mortar thing, which is also slow to play. I know GD isn’t a zoomy game like PoE, which is what I like about it, but I need a skill that is slightly more interactive.

I like theorycrafting myself so I’m not really looking for a full build guide, just some ideas of which skill to play. I was looking at the Inquisitor Flames of Ig-whatever but as I was looking for details online people were saying the range kind of sucks. Should I just make a new Warlock and focus on Aether Ray or maybe Missiles? Maybe Nightblade’s Blade Burst since it seems to be their only skill with a less than 3 sec cd? Or have I overlooked something from another class?

Some things about my playstyle: No preference on ranged or melee. Don’t want any passive playstyles like pets, brands, or totems. Don’t want to have long cds for main skills (eg I wouldn’t want to plan a build around Devastation). Hopefully that’s enough to work with. Builds I’ve liked in other games are the One Punch (bell) Monk in D3, Lightning Ball in Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance, and Vixen’s Entrapment in PoE

These guides list skills which are good for leveling:

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