Looking for some DB references

if i want to change
a) players max level (for all gamemodes, crucible and shattered included)

*(i hope increasing maxlevel only slightly, mb less than 20, doesnt have unwanted sideeffects like t some mobs wont spawn anymore - any input here?)


for maxlvl i found the 'playerlevels.dbr but also

malepc01.dbr ,

containing the maxLevel entry, but havnt seen those 2 referemces in any mod, so im unsure why those are kept untouched?

b) changing players resistance penalties for the different gamemodes
c) changing mobs hp globaly (on a % basis) (for all gamemodes)
d) increasing max devotion points.
e) monster pack size

what references do i need to look at?

learned already a bit by looking into other mods, but since the mods i looked at change way more than just those, its hard to find the right variables.

edit / ps:
what expanson/gamemode are


refering to?

last but not least:
i see in mods sometimes

balancingadjustment_mp+difficulty_enemies01.dbr (are there 02 and 03 too?)

but havent seen those exact files in the original game files. is there any info about their usuage? or are they outdated?