Looking for suggestions for a viable Ice Mage Build?

That sounds like good advice, think I head towards the Steps of Torment and see what he has. Although with a little bit of luck (maybe 2% luck or even less ? :thinking: ), there is two persons in the Arkovian Undercity that might drop it as well, so when I run past them who knows ? :rofl:

Ahh I see. So when killing the Lord of Lost Souls, there is a 50% chance for the Bulwark alone, and a 10% chance for one of the other 3 weapons and then a 8% chance for the War Shield but each is a separate event so if you are really, REALLY, lucky, you can get all three dropping at once ?

Well, that would explain the miserable 4 runs I had then ! :rofl:

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The mace also drops from some random ghosts, by just clearing the cave before the first Rovers camp I could get one every 2 or 3 runs, on average :thinking:


I went back in to the cave to clear the whole one to see if a random ghost dropped it and of course one did now, since the other times I just cleared the way to the boss and then left ! :crazy_face:

Killed the boss again, after following Monceaux advice that even a random ghost might drop it and although the boss did not drop the mace I’m looking for his did drop these two items, and a blue actually ! :rofl:

I do have another question, in regards to the different levels of items. I have a lvl 8 Amulet that I’m liking (Putrid Necklace) if I want the next level of the medal, which is lvl 18 and then 32, for the boss to drop them, it has to be when I do a Elite run ? Since I am guessing as long as I am playing on Normal, the level area for Foggy Bank is not going to be above level 12, if I understand grimtools map correctly ?

Unfortunately yes :frowning: I was running Dreeg’s Evil :eye: and couldn’t get +1 Occ on Veteran because of this, only on Elite because it gets this bonus at higher levels.

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@tqFan I just went to Elite with my first character since I completed the whole game with that one some time ago. To check out the cave and what level the monster happened to be. But…

I noticed two things. One is that I redid the Menu Bar with spells etc, but it did not remember it when I went to the game menu and reloaded the game for a second run. Also, items that was dropped and in my back pack or personal safe with the smuggler was not longer there either. BUT, an item I put in shared stash was still there.

But the weirdest part, (well, if either of the above belongs to that category that is), was that I can access Elite with my second character which only done part of Act 2 so far ? :thinking:

Any idea what make caused this… well bug I guess ??

Do you play with Cloud Saves? How to - Move your saves from Steam cloud to Grim Dawn's default location.
The issues you’re having sound like :cloud: :poop:

That is the case when you play Custom game but I don’t think you do. I haven’t heard of such bug.

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Nope, no cloud save but figured it out. My first character was not set to be ‘In Mod’ in GDStash, hence it did not save properly. Once I clicked the box and saved the character it all back to saving things as it should be.

Yes, I am playing Custom Game due to I am using Grim UI for extra stash and back pack space.

So the first was me being a dingus :crazy_face: and the other part I was not aware of that it made all difficult levels available if playing a Custom Game using a mod. :blush:

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I’m the same and I don’t like it. Check out my bug report:

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Well, that’s a bit strange decision but if that’s who they want it to be, then I guess that’s what it is.

On another note, the mob drops level 70 items so of no use for me, guess I just have to pick other stuff to wear once it not useful any longer, surprisingly it still is though. On the other hand it is a MI item and not a normal item, which the level 70 was that dropped.

Out of curiosity, what is the lowest level you reached Elite with ?

I only recently starting leveling more deliberately and also after a long break (ssf) and my recent was with DEE was quite fast.
I entered Elite after Veteran at level 53 and Ultimate at level 71.

But you don’t have to play like that of course. Play as you feel like.
Also it depends on a character / build.

What items are you talking about? I don’t quite get what you mean.
I don’t get why 70 level items are of no use for you. It depends on item slot for example.
And also if you’re not dying / have enough damage, it might not be worth it to bother with changing items.

Ohh I intend to do that, I was just curious how fast one could get to Elite. After all, the Grim Tools Item Database shows items from level 18 which can only be gotten if you on Elite level, hence the curiosity.

I just made a small link to the Grim Tools item a few posts further up earlier, but it was this item.

Just wanted to see if the mob would drop a similar item but with a bit better stats, especially since items from level 32 has a +1 to all skills in Occultist. But it isn’t a big deal though. :crazy_face:

The item was for my Ice Mage which is level 32 at present. I was just fooling around with the other character to see how things working on the different levels of difficulty.

Right now I am a bit of a glass canon, might have to put some points into Maiven’s Sphere of Protection as suggested by the guide that Monceaux made. Think I got a couple items with +2 for said skill too, but have to re check next time I’m playing. But saying that I have not, surprisingly, died yet, so lets say I am good at running around in circles and ‘snipping’ the more dangerous monsters ! :rofl:

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Just checking because you’re mixing characters and I’m not sure anymore - you’re not using this Putrid Necklace on your Cold Warlock, right? :slight_smile:

Btw you can link your current char if you’d like

Actually I am at the moment, due to I took one point in Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange and also having two other items that has +2 to the same skill. Add that with the +8% Offensive Ability that the amulet also gives it adds up, so for the moment yes, I’m using said Amulet.

Here is a link to my character at present. Level 32 Warlock.

It most likely going to be changing as I progress in the game. I do have a couple items of the Easter Set once I reach level 58 as an example.

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It’s fine, I thought that maybe you’re using Blood of Dreeg and this necklace at the same time and converting your damage to Acid :slight_smile:

Alright, time for some n00b questions here ! :blush:

First, if looking at this it says the damage per second is lower then the equipped weapon but I am guessing that due to the 5388 Frostburn Damage over 3 sec to TSS the Spectral Bludgeon will be way more effective to use, once I hit lvl 50 that is ? (The damage per second showing over at my stats is without any buffs on)

Secondly, even if I am not going to be using this chest armor I am curious as to how can one figure out which one is the better of the two ? :thinking:

And of this Chest Armor, should you go after the one that has best Offensive Ability then over damage output ?

And lastly, here is my build at present: Level 48 Warlock

If looking closely at Occultist Attributes there is Summon Hellhound, but only 1 point as I have a Medal that gives +3 to that Attribute, and I just having it for a bit of fun really due to it was at the moment, several levels ago, the best medal I had and probably should change it soon but so far it worked out alright. :crazy_face:

In anycase, what I am having a bit trouble finding is Resistances for the ones on the right, 2 top and 2 bottom, although once I start adding points into Aspect of the Guardian at least Poison and Acid Resistance will be increasing. Any tips about the other 3 though, Piercing, Chaos and Stun ?

Ohh and yes, the head gear will be changing soon I hope, just having it due to it giving me +3 on Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, and had to use Leathery Hide to get a bit extra Reduced Stun Duration, instead of Ectoplasm.

Yeah, don’t look at this DPS counter, it’s misleading especially for TSS caster like yourself, use your head / math :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter tbh but I guess the one with more Projectile Avoidances provides you got your elemental res covered.

Yeah, OA, but what damage output are you talking about? It doesn’t boost your damage types. You should forget about Fire at this point.

I play Veteran but imo you’re chasing %Damage too much, especially on Pants and boots. I think it’s better to have more gear pieces with a lot of resistances while leveling (those drop from Totems for example), these tiny %bonuses mean less and less when you’re approaching ~1300% damage (including Spirit). Check out resistances on Normal on my 46 guy for example https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BXzMkZ (every slot is full of resistances, except weapon component where I could afford to go for %damage components). But if you don’t need than this advice is less valid for sure but you know, better be safe than sorry.

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Ohh yes, I am not going to use either of those to chest armor’s for this build, but I save one of every epic/legendary item that drops so trying to figure out what kind of stats that are more important then others to look for when getting duplicates. Sorry if that wasn’t clear in the question. :worried:

Alright, I see. Thanks ! I guess I’ll be rethinking my approach and go more for resistances. :smile:

Appreciate the quick response ! :beers:

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Out of curiosity once again, had you done all the DLC’s as well before you went Elite, or was it just after you finished act 4 ? I think at least you can start Elite then or do you have to do both DLC’s as well before ?

I went to Elite after rescuing Hyram in Malmouth because I needed something from him. You can go to the next difficulty after beating Loghorrean.

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Alright, a bit curious here as so far everything has worked smoothly, well, more or less but for this one mob I actually need to see if anyone could give me some pointers.

Here is my build so far - Level 85 Warlock and at Elite presently.

This mob is in the Ancient Grove, first dungeon level I guess it be, Feral Thicket, called Slathasarr Aethergaze, it just melted my character. First time I thought it was me that messed something up but second time I realized it wasn’t as I was at full health, had the Blood of Dreeg/Aspect of the Guardian activated and still my life just melted away when it hit me with his poison/aether thing.

I did check my Resistances and saw that Aether was just above 80% in total (after I died and without buffs) so got some other items to boost it to 88% over maximum while Poison is 104% over maximum without any buffs.

Level 85 Warlock with more Arther Resistance.

I have not gone back again though, wanted to ask before I get a third death against the same monster ! :crazy_face:

Is Aether and Poison the mobs main damage givers or have I missed something else ?

I know I can just avoid it since it in their own little cage like area but still, would be nice to know why I melted the way I did ! :rofl:

Thank you for taking the time to read and possible post any suggestions ! :beers: