Looking for the BEST Commando build.

No matter tanky or DPS, just share your best builds :cool:

I recommend Superfluff’s build here

Oh, thanks, will try

That’s a great build.

I’ve been running an off-tank, shield proc set up.

It’s kind of nice, but I love the sheet on the one above. :rolleyes:

This is also off-tank, proc setup, 11 offensive procs to be more specific :smiley:

I’m leveling something similar right now. Still missing that damn Infernal Knight belt. I swear it doesn’t exist :confused:

If I didnt saw people wearing them I could swear that DM shouderguards also do not exist :smiley:

P.S. You can always take ulzuins torment instead.

Lol yeah, those shoulders suck to get too.

I do plan on rocking the Ulzuin belt for now. Either way, the build is really fun to watch all those procs going off :stuck_out_tongue:


I cannot get the recipe to drop, for the life of me.

That, and the Ulzuin’s Helm, actually.

Drat you Ulzuin.

Drat you to heck.

Oh, I hear you.

I run Death Dealer and 4 piece Mark with shield (Phys Cadence Commando FTW), due to no Mark Ammy drops as yet.

I love acting like my toon is an effectual version of Noel Vermilion.

I tried it with cadence also, wasn’t satisfied with AOE so switched to FS. This guy wrecks havoc with meteor shower, fissure, eldritch fire, flame torrent and all other procs at his disposal.
It can probably be more optimized ie using different equipment, but OB set was the first set that I got so had to give it some tribute :smiley:

can you share youre build?

I did long ago in some thread, cant remember now, and Im not at home atm.
When I get back Ill do it.