looking for ultos set

if anyone has any of ultos set please let me know! im new to the game and need it for my build. not sure what i have to offer in return. but if anyones looking to help out id greatly appreciate it!

Good luck , you really should post this in one of the trading threads .

Been playing 700 hours , my first char was an Ultos char , I still do not have one piece of the Ultos set . RNG is godawful in this game .

As said above, you can try this thread : http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35198

I may have some parts of the set, if you can find my post there

wow! thats crazy :frowning: i just got my ultos helm blueprint last night! now im hooked trying to find the other pieces haha.

the name is jessman890 on steam! hit me up if you have some pieces!