Looking for weapon help for fire-strike Purifier

Hi all. My furthest toon is a lvl 92 Purifier, I’ve been using BWC and RoK and it’s ticked along fairly well, currently in Malmouth on Ultimate.

The play style is getting stale though but I don’t want to reroll. I don’t have many epics / legendaries. Is there a decent weapon I can farm or get from a faction that is good for FS? I noticed Devil’s Crossing have a 2H gun that does Fire

thanks for the help

The Desolator

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Thanks! I’ll get farming

I can give you the Dagallon set of pistols if you want as well. I should be online later this evening.

thanks - I’d appreciate that.

No farming. It’s craftable from a blueprint from Malmouth.

I’ve come across a build for this weapon while going through Fire Strike builds

It’s updated to despite in the title.

Thanks - I respecced to this build a few days ago. Damage feels pretty good but my toon is a bit squishy as most of my gear isn’t great.

Until you are at max level with all devotions maxed and all the same gear with all the right components and crafting bonuses etc, following a build guide exactly may not be the best decision yet. In this case you could make departures to shore up tankiness at the cost of a some greedier damage choices until you have the stuff in place to make it all work together as the original author did.