Looking for weapon help for fire-strike Purifier

Hi all. My furthest toon is a lvl 92 Purifier, I’ve been using BWC and RoK and it’s ticked along fairly well, currently in Malmouth on Ultimate.

The play style is getting stale though but I don’t want to reroll. I don’t have many epics / legendaries. Is there a decent weapon I can farm or get from a faction that is good for FS? I noticed Devil’s Crossing have a 2H gun that does Fire

thanks for the help

The Desolator

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Thanks! I’ll get farming

I can give you the Dagallon set of pistols if you want as well. I should be online later this evening.

thanks - I’d appreciate that.

No farming. It’s craftable from a blueprint from Malmouth.

I’ve come across a build for this weapon while going through Fire Strike builds

It’s updated to despite in the title.

Thanks - I respecced to this build a few days ago. Damage feels pretty good but my toon is a bit squishy as most of my gear isn’t great.