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Hey everyone(forum members and Crate alike). I got Titan Quest Gold Edition for steam a while ago and got hooked pretty fast. Played quite a few ARPGs in the past and haven’t had that loot itch scratched in a while. I looked through some TQ forums and stumbled upon the Grim Dawn Kickstarter project and was instantly interested. I became a backer and I sincerely hope you guys reach your goal, I know I’m gonna tell anyone I know who’s into games about this. I wanted to say I was impressed with Arthur’s Rock Paper Shotgun interview. I’m getting disenchanted with the game industry lately and am getting very bored with games quickly, and I hate it. The last game I’ve played that I wont soon forget was Dark Souls (good lord I love that punishing game), games just don’t encourage experimentation or reward hard work anymore, and that makes me sad. So with that, here’s to hoping Grim Dawn and any other ideas you gents have become a reality!

Welcome NemesisZer0!

Welcome to the forums! i recommend addressing it to gents and ladies, you know, to avoid discrimination:P! hope to see you around!

Welcome! How much did you back the game?

Howdy … :smiley:

Lol, I stand corrected Ladys and Gents:P, and to answer Asgards question; $32.

Hi zero
I hope GD will meet your expectations.

Hi and welcome to you Zero

hi and welcome

Howdy NemisisZer0,

Welcome to the forums and community, hope you enjoy your stay :stuck_out_tongue: