Looking to improve my character

Has no issues with most enemies but had a tuff time with Nemesis.


Mostly thinking I can improve my devotion.

Thank you in advance!

You have at least 2 CRITICAL issues in your build: not taking Inq.Seal and Word of Renewal, so you lose flat damage absorption, heal and racial damage.
Also, too many points invested in WPS and Static Strike.
Then, I can’t figure out what damage type are you heading for?
If fire, then check this guide: [] (2H Ranged) Let's bring BIG GUNS TO THE BATTLE - Desolator Purifier [c+] [sr+]

If pierce, check this fine build: [] Top Gun - 6,5 seconds Mad Queen, 6m Crucible, SR 65-66 resilient no greens Valdun's Purifier

Thank you for your feedback. Wasn’t really headed for a specific damage type, just as much DPS as I could get. What is WPS?

weapon proc skills - I mean, bursting round etc. normally they’re taken for 6-6-7.

Thank you so much for your help. I made some of the changes but due to your superior set of armor, you have many more points to use than I do. I have attached my updated character and it does quite well…


I make some adjustments, for more OA, crit, dmg and RR as more survability. Your DA is still low thou, you have to use other augments and comonents.

What adjustments did you make? Hard for me to determine them. Thank you!!!

Skills: Censure, Mines, Word of Renewal, Seal. Useful would be Flashbang.

Devotions: Ghoul, Revenant, Witchblade, Torch, Kraken. Very useful will be Magi and Hydra.

Also, craftable weapon Desolator would be better than Hellborne here.

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I lose too much switching to Desolator… but will investigate other suggestions. Thank you for your efforts.

i vote for desolator as well. The only thing you might “loose” is the + 1 to inquisitor. Other than that the desolator is just simply better.

i think if you are going more for burn hellborne might be useful

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Desolator is the best option for range weapon, as its high dmg and piercing attack pass through enemies will proc so many skills. My old Puri has 135k dps with Desolator.

Hellborne is best for retal Fervor. For 2h Firestrike, best is Desolator or Arcanowiever that green crossbow. And of course Valdun set.