Looking to trade for stoneskin greaves of the king

I’ve crafted of 400 and farmed and nothing . Please let me.know I’d kill for them.

Hiya. You’ll have much better luck using whichever of the trade forums matches your char. List of trade threads just here :wink:

Yeah you need to craft 1000-2000 at least

I think I am way over 2000 boot crafts and yet to craft a good double rare with stun resist. I did craft pretty amazing pairs for builds that don’t need stun resists on boots tho.

Keep them. It’s not about stuns only like kings, featherstep or flesh hulk.

Prefix: Ancient, Paladin’s, Formidable

Suffix: Menhir, Survival , Arcane winds!!!, Nature’s Bounty, Stonefooting

Any combo of the above is amazing imo. So don’t make the mistake of browsing for a single stuff when throwing away stuff. You never know. I’ve lost good items doing otherwise pre AoM

Most rare affixes and prefixes are really good. Ancient, Bloodleter, Palading, Formidable, Concecrated etc etc. Anything with OA, Res or Life is good.
With Conduit of xxx rolling you don’t need Stonehide for 99% builds.

Would something like Thunderstruck Stoneplate Greaves of Kings be rarer than a certain nemesis MI piece?

Duuuh, of course I keep them. I sell them too, got quite a collection on sale, you can check it out here.

Nemesis don’t drop mi boots, but in general, a pair of boots like Thunderstruck of Kings/Featherstep or Stonehide of Kings/Featherstep solves resist problem for most builds, definitely one of the most valuable and sought after items in the game. Only double rare mi pants are more valuable.

Thanks. I guess I shouldn’t expect to get the pants I need from Aleksander any time soon

You’d be surprised what one can do when one wants a specific roll and has no time/patience to browse the inventory and make room in stashes etc.