Loot Filter - green items with only 1 rare affix

Can you please add a toggle option instead of ‘Only Show Double Rare’ that would allow users select between - ‘1 rare affix’ or ‘2 rare affixes’?

I agree, that the current implementation of the “double-rare” checkbox is not an optimal solution.
It should prevent the screen from getting cluttered with standard green drops. Most of the time, at least in my case, I still want to see all the MI´s.
So in my opinion, “Show only double rares” should only apply to non-MI-items.
Of course, more options for finetuning are always welcome, so I second the option of “Show items with 1 rare affix”, which should then also only apply to non-MI´s.

I would like to see the “only show double rares” being reworked into “always show double rares”. Currently you are not able to see double rare greens and single rare MIs at the same time, this rework would allow for that.

Edit: It would lock you out of seeing only double rare MIs, maybe adding an extra option for always showing double rares would be better

Whatever you guys do, I just want to see MIs with at least one rare affix.

Would also like to see a option to only show MI’s with skill modifiers

Try checking “MIs”, “my mastery” and “other masteries”. That should show only MIs with skill bonusses (atleast according to logic)

I want all rare mi and all double rare greens. An always show double rare would fix it I think. Then I could uncheck greens. And not miss out on double rare greens that are not mi.

Meanwhile at the Crate’s Dev team HQ:
“Add a item filter, they said, it will be fun they said”.

Everybody will love it

They will fix it at some point :slight_smile: It is a very good idea and it will just get better in time

I know, and I agree.

Agree with the option to always show something as filter…

“always show MI”
“always show double rare”
So when we can still see both of these when we tick off the box for rare

I think I would prefer to separate check boxes for ‘Show Only Double Rare’ and ‘Show Only Double MI’.