Loot Pickup Key + Loot Filter Synergy

The loot filter is great to remove the clutter of whites from my screen, and the loot pickup key is fantastic as well – preventing me from having to click repeatedly to pick everything up.

However, I’ve noticed that even if I don’t see an item while using the filter settings, my character will still pick them up with the pickup key.

Is it possible to design the pickup key functionality to only pick up loot that is equal to or better than what I have set in my filter? Currently, I’m very new, so I’m using Magic+ and would love the loot pickup button to only snag Magic+ items, not the unseen whites scattered about.


Edit: I looked for a similar thread and only found old ones before a loot filter was ever implemented. I then recently found a thread with this exact request in Ideas and Feedback, moved to Bug Reports by a moderator. I tried to delete it but was unsuccessful. Sorry for the double post.

Hmmm, I never use the loot pickup button but I did a quick test and it seems you are right, filtered loot is picked up when using the button.

I would suggest filing a bug report to get this resolved as I don’t think it was intentional.