Lost Pistols

Hey folks. I have a terrible problem. I finally got a nice Epic pistol to drop for my sorcerer last night, threw devil touched ammo in it and everything, then when I just logged in I had no pistols equipped…not in my inventory, stash or anywhere. This beyond sucks and I’m not quite sure what to do. I contacted support. But I was just wondering if anybody has any ideas of what might have happened or what I can do. Thank you very much for your time.

Did you accidently hit weapon swap

An odd update. The second mob of random peons I killed dropped my lost pistol…so looks like I’m just out the 4/4 Devil-Touched ammo. Which sucks but doesn’t devestate me lol

Ha!!! You know what I must have, because I just hit weapon swap and there are my original two pistols…but I did get a duplicate of the epic one to drop off a random mob…very weird! But thank you for the response. I feel a bit silly now!