Lost Souls Set Feedback

I have not heard much feedback from people who had already tested the set, but I’m having a hard time giving this set a unique flavor that isn’t already done better by other builds. Especially now that Mythical Witching Hour gives a +2 to both Necromancer and Occultist skills as well as an additional +2 to Raise Skeletons, I don’t see how a Skeleton build can surpass Witching Hour for pure DPS and clear speed.

I’m going to just focus on the Vitality pets aspect as other options like Chaos and Acid are better done by Witching Hour and Ghol’s set, respectively. There’s also Mythical Guardian of Death’s Gate that converts 100% Physical to Vitality for pets and adds 20% Total Speed and +2 to Necromancer skills, nearly surpassing the 4-pc set bonus just by itself. I’ll be providing a sample templates upon which I could suggest improvements:

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2doMRdN (Dying God + Hourglass)

  • Add +1 to at least Occultist skills, if not both Occultist and Necromancer: Having the weapon slot, head slot, and amulet slot taken means that you have 3 potential slots for +all skills taken up by the set. It doesn’t help things when you have 2 2-handed weapons that provide +2 to all Necromancer skills with very good pet bonuses (Witching Hour and Guardian of Death’s Gate). This sample template doesn’t have the skill points to add Summon Familiar (for Storm Spirit buff), Blight Fiend (for additional threat to keep Skeletons safe), Reap Spirit (to supply good Vitality DPS), or overcapped Call of the Grave (to provide Crit damage + additional Vitality damage). Builds that have additional +skills can obtain these skills.

  • Add cooldown reduction to the weapon and the amulet: Cooldown reduction is necessary to keep Blood of Dreeg (the only source of pet healing) and Call of the Grave up as often as possible, not to mention using it to resummon Skeletons if you face an unfortunate wipe. Having no cooldown reduction among the weapon, head and amulet slots highly hampers the build’s potential performance.

  • Replace the +3 to Hellfire on the amulet with +3 to Ember Claw: the design of the set is to have two Hellhounds tank for the Skeletons so they can DPS unimpeded. Thanks to @Duskdeep86 for his digging, pets need their taunt abilities at 17/12 to provide 100% taunt, and Hellfire is the least useful ability for this set since you’re not focusing on Chaos damage with this build (Witching Hour is much more suited to that type of build, and you have more than enough ways to get Hellfire if you’re doing pet Chaos Cabalist)

  • Replace the pet Vitality Resistance on the weapon with Elemental Resistance: Since you’re taking Master of Death for your Exclusive and are likely to need Seal of Might to provide enough Physical resistance for yourself, it’s trivially easy to cap pet Vitality resistance. It’s much harder to find space for pet Elemental resistance, so I would suggest giving it to the set in some capacity.

  • Place some bonuses to Bonds of Bysmiel on the set: Skeletons, more than any other pet, needs to have a large pet %Health bonus to survive, so I would suggest placing a +2 or +3 of Bonds of Bysmiel somewhere in the set to make it more appealing for Skeleton builds to use the set.

I’m sure people can provide more feedback, but the set doesn’t feel like it has the capability to create multiple viable, diverse builds.

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I have tried the set in the sets and M. Veilpiercer trying to make a Hybrid DW pet. The skeleton, bird, and hound are quite tanky but since it’s a hybrid, I make too much agro and just melt on cr and sr 65. I was hoping that the set can promote more of hybrid build, but seems it just not work besides MC. This is what i go with Grimtools.

Compared to other mythical legendary set, Lost Soul doesn’t give much modifier to skill it support, the scepter part of the set is the most uninteresting or lacking part of the set as the stats just like a lvl 50-75 legendary or epic item. I suggest add a modifier “Generate Additional Threat to Hellhound” and “10-15% Physical resist on Master of Death” for the Scepter part.

Pet resistance important than HP for Skeletons.

Will of the Crypt have converted to Vitality, limited a lot of way for Skeletons Build.

Skeletons should like Shaman pet without any converted. than will get more way Build and Interesting.

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