Low level dueling? :)

Has anyone tried it? would be interesting i think, high level there’s too many variables like most arpgs high and medium level pvp are often very unbalanced, but has anyone tried low level pvp? I am just curious,

If anyone wanna try I would be up too it.

And I am wondering if its unbalanced, what type of mod would make pvp balanced/enjoyable? :slight_smile:

dunno low level but warlock or spellbreaker would dominate the battlefield

More in general: while i personally think it would be nice to bring pvp in gd, last time we checked one couldn’t see if another used a devotion skill.
Also that new balancing, which was a suprise for me tbh. In TQ if your OA was much lower than enemy’s DA you couldn’t hit him with your weapon. Now it applies to all of your spells, skills and negative effects you can throw at enemy. Except for debuffs(skill templates such as skillbuff_debuf, _debuffeeze, etc., they work everytime no matter what so it’s more of a bug, supposedly).
Maybe it is just me, but i can’t see logic in it.

So increase your D and O abilities, pick Arcanist with its two OP skills and… Well i’m not really a player so i can’t say what’s going to happen:D
But yes, we should at least wait till mp a little bit more synchronized. If it’s ever going to happen given that multiplayer is far from dev’ main priority. Which’s reasonable however.