Low skins on rookie lvl

beside you’re playing without wild boar’s, wolfs etc. the hunting lodge isn’t generating enough skins over time if you playing for bigger populations:

Change the amount you gonna get from remains or little cadavers. Top of that shoe workers needed a lot of skins

even barns doesn’t produce so much:

for more information Pop: 880 - 4 full barns - 14 hunting loges

They ‘nerfed’ the pelt output some time ago, and there has been a lot of discussion about it ever since. Basically, it has become virtually impossible to keep high population (6 - 700 and more) towns supplied from just hunters, but the Barns were also nerfed so that you have to invest in more of them. Many of us are hoping for another change of the numbers to get things a little more balanced, but at the moment, just be prepared to require at least 6 - 8 full barns plus 10+ hunters to keep a 900 - 1000 population city supplied with the bare minimum, and keep an eye on the Trading Post for any pelts for sale whenever they are available.
Its a situation that has quite a few players unhappy, but it’s the state of Early Release at the moment.
My last 1000 population town had, at the end, 10 Hunting Lodges and 6 full Barns and was barely squeaking by with a little help from the Trading Post every other year or so. When I go back to it, I suspect first thing will be at least 2 more Barns with clover-filled pasturage to beef up the Tallow and Pelt supply.

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top of that would’t even work right now if you would go further with that “balance” then you don’t have enough people for that or only for that :smiley:

It’s very tight with the 1000 population cap. After optimizing my production (moved all the production buildings as close to the respective storage areas, cut the average ‘travel time’ for each down to 30% or less) I managed to shake loose about 20 ‘extra’ workers that I can assign to new Barns - but you are right, the game right now stretches you for both resources on the map and resources in population to work the resources on the map.

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