Loyalist Edition 2013 version - missing DLC?

Hi, I purchased the Loyalist Edition back in 2013 for $85 from the original website. I was heavy into playing the game at that stage. But due to the constant developmental cycle during those early days, I felt it would be best I let the game mature before I devote any more time to it. So I set it aside and forgot about it for a while.

I’ve fired it up again on Steam and noticed various expansions I’m missing (in red), notably Crucible and Ashes of Malmouth. Can someone tell me whether these should be included in my Loyalist edition by default? I see the Loyalist edition on Steam has Ashes of Malmouth included, whereas I’m missing it. It seems you can get everything for $55 including Crucible and Ashes of Malmouth on Steam which is a great price with additional content over what I payed for it.

Thanks for any help.

Ashes of Malmouth is included to your package, but not the Crucible. For AoM you need a separate key. Crate has partnered with Humble Bundle for the distribution, so you find the keys at https://www.humblebundle.com/home/keys or, if you do not have an account with them, via https://www.humblebundle.com/resender - use the email address you used for ordering back then.

When you payed for the Loyalist edition all them years ago you weren’t paying for a “great price” - you were paying to support an indie dev to make the game you wanted made. I bought the same package for $85 and it’s still worth it.

The Loyalist price has gone down since those days - Ashes of Malmouth wasn’t even made yet and wouldn’t be until 2017.

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Thanks for the help. I managed to get the additional content installed.