Mad Queen, Ulo Proc, Regenerators

Hey guys,

Had a few questions (don’t worry they aren’t leveling questions :P).

Is there a purpose to the Mad Queen? Beyond her legendary and her incredible level of difficulty even in normal? I tried her today for the first time and I had tanked pretty much everything else I came up again but she smashed through all my defenses in seconds. I couldn’t scratch her and ended up running away so I didn’t experience an unnecessary death.

Is the proc from Ulo any good? I’ve been experimenting with it but whenever there is more than one enemy it more often than not will target the enemy without the aura I am trying to remove. I have not been impressed with it so far but maybe I am missing something?

Last question. Regenerators, is there an easy way to deal with these heroic enemies? I have fought a few of them and they seem to have such good healing they can heal through anything I throw at them. At some point in the fight something changes and I can suddenly damage them. Also am I wrong or do they heal everything around them as well? I was in a fight with a spider regen mob in the lair of Ungoliax. I couldn’t for the longest time take down the regen or ungoliax and then whatever changes happened and suddenly I could damage them. At first I thought it was the aura deactivating like on reflect mobs but the aura seemed to stay up through out the whole fight. Maybe the aura drops but it appears to still remain?

Killing Mad Queen is pretty much for either bragging rights, her legendary sword (which is pretty good) and to use it as the final test for any build. The only reason she’s so dangerous is that she can put a red aura that retaliates with life reduction spikes everytime you hit her., hence why sometimes she kills you in less of a second.

Ulo proc is nice to remove auras, which makes Mad Queen actually much easier because you can remove her red aura.

Nullification may help too against her red aura.

Cooldown on Ulo is quite high. It’s not a reliable source for continually removing her aura. On Normal i believe it will work because her red aura timer is higher

When mad queen begins to glow in pink (sign of her in period), just run away for a few seconds. I never used Ulo, can’t commend on that

As for regenerator, a simple way is to knock them down, they die pretty fast when knocked down.

Yes, the Regenerator heroes have an aura that boosts health regen for all allies in the area. Unless you are running very low DPS, the regenerators are all pretty easy. When having problems with them, look for other creatures with aura type abilities. One or more of them may have an aura with % health regen. For example, with Aetherial regenerators you need to take out all the mid-tier eyeballs as well as Beholden the Reflective (reflective eyeball hero) first. They all have a buff aura that, among other things, give a large % boost to health regen that multiplies the Regenerator’s flat health regen boost to evil levels.

Edit: in the case of the spiders, you undoubtedly had some Terrorweave Widows in the mix. Their aura grants their allies damage absorption and total speed. I guess the take away is that enemies with auras (which all have a fairly noticeable circle effect under them) should have targeting priority.

tanky is no enough to beat the mad queen. you need high offensive ability to critical strike her, good HP leech% and high poison resist. also you can use potion to help the fight.
she is vulnerable of the cold damage.

Another thing is if you can kill her fast enough that she has no time to even strike back at you even aura. There are 3 builds only that can do this.

Anyone tried using Spiritcrusher scepters against regenerating bosses? That niche stat “Increases Health Regeneration by -100%” sounds interesting.