Madness and Maleficus

Are there really no Mythical versions of these weapons? I know there’s Mythical Anarchy but it has flat Piercing rather than flat Chaos damage on it plus it has + Infernal Purge rather than Soldier skills for Witchblade.

Fang of Ch’thon has flat Chaos damage instead of phys and has +1 to occultist.
You could also craft a witchstalker which had flat bonus chaos damage.
far as the 2hers go, there’s obsidian juggernaut and harbinger of eternal suffering

Yeah, I noticed I have a full set of Mythical Harbingers so decided to base my build around that, 220% Weapon dmg to Doom Bolt ftw. I should have 17.5-18k hp and 3-3.1k OA and DA if RNGsus is kind to me on the rolls. And I need 3 MI’s one of which I think I already have and a Conduit of Warring Whispers with 6% Phys resist to Fighting Spirit. -Chaos RR is a bit of a problem though.