Mage Hunter - Path of the voices build

I have started a character 2 days ago, and stuck in this build.My plan is: pure spirit caster clear everything and tank all melee enemies with cc + protect spell.After clear Normal-veteran and go into Elite( not complete ashes of Malmouth), my character cant stand agains any melee Elite bosses anymore , each hit take 1/2 my hp bar.So what i should do next to complete my build? At this time, my total death still 0, but hard to keep that…:cry:

Hey there, i just looked at the grimtools link and have one question : Did you really spend 0 Pints in Physic? If so, that’s your issue right there. You have around 2k HP which is utterly laughable for elite to be honest. You should’ve went and put most if not all points into Ohys so you can stand a achnce of clearing higher difficuties.

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Yeah, if you’re going pure spirit caster you need to go really out of your way to get as much health from other sources as possible. Maxed Word of Renewal tree, Inquisitor Seal, Maiven’s and Mirror are pretty much mandatory, and pretty much your entire devotion tree should be spent on heals/physique/health buffs/armor since you won’t have the physique necessary to equip most end-game armors. Think Obelisk of Menhir, Tree of Life, Solemn Watcher, Behemoth, etc. Alternatively you can also try getting as much cooldown reduction as possible so that Mirror is up more frequently, but that works better for Sorcerer since that strategy also benefits Blast Shield, and Inquisitor doesn’t have any defensive abilities that benefit from CDR.

Just so you know, what you’re trying to accomplish is quite difficult even for experienced players. It’s typically easier to find gear/abilities that support DPS more than health, which is why Physique is so highly recommended in all builds. Best of luck to you.

I did something like that long ago and gave up mid elite, its a crawl, you move slowly even with decent cdr to keep mirror up a lot

Hope i can post it some time soon. Mage hunter probably has the most potent Flames of ignaffar. Melts :slight_smile:

And leveling is super easy too