Main/Custom game differences, mod merging-Begginer question


I’m just startign my adventure with GD. As always before I start a new game I check possible cool mods. As I understand mods in GD can onyl work in “custom game”.

First question: what is the difference beetwen main campaing and custom game? Is there any storyline in custom game or difference is that is no intro ?

I suppose it’s a noob uestion, but could someone explain to me, what’s difference between campaing and custom game?

The main game is the standard game, made by Crate.

Custom games need to be downloaded and installed and then you can play them, but what they contain is largely up to the modder. It might be the same map/story/quests with just changes or an entirely new mastery or even entirely new maps…depends upon the mod.

Ahh ok. I was confused by the fact of lack of intro in custom games when the rest of quest seemed to be the same with mods .

So basically with mods like Your Grimmest or Grim Legion story is the same, just gamplay changes? Is there any chapter division in main game or it’s just only luck of intro between main and custom games? My point is would I lost something value( story,narration,cutscenes etc.) not playing main campaign instead of starting playthrough with custom moded games?

Or is it any way to play main campaign with Your mods, like this thread says —> and answer for that ?

I prefer gameplay with Your and other mods, that’s why I’m aksing.

Btw. Thx for working on mods :).

I can really only speak for Grimmest with certainty, but if you are ready for the challenge, you can just play my mod. You will experience the entire game with story quests and notes exactly as vanilla, but with higher density of mobs, heroes and bosses.

But I will admit, my mod is WIP, so some encounters are over the top and occasionally, I have been known to muck up things that lead some quests to be unadvancable due to bugged spawns of quest monsters, but if you report it, I will try to get a fix out asap.

After, each mod is different in what changes are immplemented. Pretty sure most mastery type mods are like Grimmest though and do not alter the main story experience.