Major visual changes without changing any settings

Here is exactly the same character (with different ordinary medal) - the weapon components are Seals of Might. And… they look completely different! (Yellow aura versus silver-colored one).

The game settings are all the same (All maxed, x64, deferred rendering).
The only thing that changed betweren these screenshots - I installed another Steam game - and during first run it did some Redidstributables (or something like that) installation - and then I launch GD - and now it looks very different! Not only that effect changed - basically it seems that all ingame effects changed from what felt like “simplified” versions to probably “proper”, more complicated ones.

I know that sometimes people are recommended to reinstall these redistributables - and I once did that some time ago (but when I was doing that some of them just said that “this one is already installed, you can’t install it again” so not everything got reinstalled).

So, am I right to assume that something was wrong on my side and the game wasn’t actually showing the intended picture - and now it does? Is the yellow glow the correct weapon aura for Seals of Might?

Don’t augments give aura and not components? :thinking:

Also maybe some option just switched on it own like post processing or something.

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Ahhh… true. Sorry, seems to be my mistake :slight_smile:
Yes, the augments are probably different. Strange that I didn’t notice it when actually changing the augments :slight_smile:
Other “suddenly appearing” effects could also be my lack of attentiveness before… Though that may not be the case too.