Make a Piece of Gear for Insanity

The first 20 people to design one piece of gear for the mod, I will create and place within it (subject to changes in numbers for balance).

So name it, if you have a specific bitmap and mesh, show it (can link existing gear meshes for example), and I will put it in the patch AFTER the current patch which is planned for 10/26/2016.

So far,



Wish I knew how to make one… still have to learn it.

Hopefully, others will help you out.

Nah man you misunderstand, you can just off the top of your head make a weapon, say, on notepad or something. You can even design an oskill to go along with it.

I’ve always wondered, is it possible to make an item give a modifier to a skill unique to that item? I know you can give passive stuff, but the whole linking to a skill part seems like it could get potentially tricky on the skill tree itself.

Oh, and will skills have scaling past 30 points? Like up to 40 or what?

I want to make something for Hellfire Ravens, but I’m curious as to how far it’s possible to take certain parts of epic/legendary items.

Yes all of that is possible. And i’ll have to do a bit of testing for the attribute scaling, so not sure yet. I’m not even 100%sure how it works exactly, but Ive spent zero time testing, and it looks self explanatory.

Really dude, anything youd make, id likely be able to implement. so go wild.

Can we choose its stats or certain properties about it? :^)

This is your item. You can do whatever you want with it (subject to balance changes though, the essence of the item will remain).


skillDescription for ceno_skill.dbr: “tag=Curse of the Confused”
itemNameTag for the focus: “tag=Antithesis of Ceno”
itemText for the focus: “tag=The bane of everything he stood for.”

The item mesh/texture just reference vanilla resources. If you’ve changed these without renaming them, please re-import them and rename the data in the file as appropriate.

Go nuts.

Edit: You’ll need to edit the path of the skill in the item.

Awesome, checking it out right now.

Love it! May need a slight nerf though. (The teleport will be put in, don’t worry.)

>Total Damage Modified by NONSENSE

lol what in the fuck.

That’s supposed to be negative 15%.

The other NONSENSE values are meant to be negative too.

Yeah man, easy fix though. Just send me a txt files with the stats you want.

itemLevel = 70,
levelRequirement = 70,
offensivePierceModifier = 140,
offensiveCritDamageModifier = 100,
offensiveDamageMultModifier = -15,
characterLife = 1012,
characterMana = 888,
characterLifeModifier = -7,
characterManaModifier = -8,
characterOffensiveAbility = 334,
characterDefensiveAbility = 278,
characterOffensiveAbilityModifier = -5,
characterDefensiveAbilityModifier = -5,
conversionInType = Elemental,
conversionOutType = Pierce,
conversionPercentage = 85,

Because of Insanity’s ridiculous stat inflation, I’d give the Vit and Mana a buff. Considering it’s legendary, i’d say they could be increased about tenfold. But the other stats are pretty close to what I imagine endgame will require from its legendaries.

Well I do think it would be cool to have a weapon (is there a one-handed scythe/sickle model to use?) to give Hellfire Ravens attack damage converted to health and/or weapon damage%. Call it… Fiddle’s Stick ;).


There’s this, and it pretty much covers your vision.

Just give me the name of the item, and a description and it will be made man. Thanks for the creative assistance.

Edit; Wow I just failed. You already named it lol.