Make amaratas ranged too

I was toying with the idea of a cold shooter, and all the left click buttons dont have a cold based, except for amarastas, then i started building a cold slinger spellbreaker but was sad when I read the tooltip saying it was only for meelee :cry:

It already does… although you need a 2h gun for it.

Screw the idea of a cold gun build. Deflects on most of the enemies will absolutely fuck you over. My “record” was 3 amarastas deflects in a row. That’s basically 6 seconds of doing almost no damage.

Blade Burst triggers on ranged 2h but it’s pretty unappealing since it’s based on a CDR and CDR isn’t currently a readily available stat the same way atk/cast speed is. See this thread:

well that’s depressing, disregard this post, dumbness from myself is irredemable