Make Devouring Swarm damage world objects

I’ve got Devouring Swarm bound to the left click of my current build and it’s working great except for any time that there is an object that requires direct damage to destroy- crates, barrels, doors, remains, etc.

It’s extremely frustrating to click towards enemies and instead click on a destructible object and watch the swarm of bugs slam into it uselessly. It’s nearly gotten me killed a few times when attempting to avoid ground AOE or telegraphed strikes, because rather than moving out of the way after the first cast destroys the box I accidentally clicked on it just keeps casting rapid fire for a few critical seconds. I’ve even found the occasional door which takes zero damage from both Devouring Swarm and Drain Essence, requiring me to keep a weapon set on swap just for the default attack.

To my knowledge, this is the only direct damage ability I’ve used which is foiled by cheap wooden crates. It would just be a huge quality of life improvement if it could destroy objects in the world.

+1. Really annoying to see my deathbugs go splat on destructibles. (I figure with all those bugs there’s gotta be some termites in there too right?)


You’re not the first to make this suggestion and I wouldn’t mind Devouring Swarm destroy objects either.

The problem is that Devouring Swarm works as a debuff. For it to destroy objects, it would have to be changed into a direct damage attack. I’m not 100% certain on the ramifications this would have on it except that Devouring Swarm would be able to miss as an attack - as of now, it being a debuff means it can never miss/will always apply it’s resist reduction reliably.

Ohhhh. How did they piggyback a DoT onto a debuff? Do all DoTs not make an OA check to hit?

Same way Night’s Chill works.

Devouring Swarm is a debuff projectile just like CoF, except CoF’s projectile instantaneously reaches and detonates on targets but doesn’t pierce enemies.

As far as I know, debuffs don’t check to hit at all. Devouring Swarm is primarily a debuff that also does damage, not the other way around.

Apologies, but I felt this thread just needed this:

Ninja’d by several people.

If you’ve got another skill like Entangling Vines on the RMB just use that instead. It is annoying though. Since it has 100% chance to pass through enemies you’d think it would pass through breakables as well, shattering them as it does so. :undecided:

Ah, that makes sense. It’s not a direct attack with a debuff component, it’s a debuff with a damage component. Gotcha. Makes sense why it wouldn’t work on objects then.

Still very annoying in use though. Oh well.

Sorry. I’ll beehive from now on…

What if they just flagged breakables as critters (i.e. valid debuff targets) so that the DoT component would stick and “kill” them? Would that cause issues?

They probably could allow Devouring Swarm to destroy breakables. Though I believe they would have to flag every single debuff individually. People would probably get annoyed if everything wasn’t consistent I suppose so it creates a bit of work having to go around to every damaging debuff.

I’m sure that everyone with poison/bleeding damage attacks with a slight a sense of realism would seriously question the validity of taking out breakables with said damage :wink:

What? Wood bleeds. Sort of. Sap. :eek:

Ok, no, you can’t pass off a realism argument while my swarm of bugs is doing meaningful damage to skeletons and golems. Let us not travel down that particular rabbit hole.