Make doors that load new areas safer zones

I’m coming across an issue that really needs to be addressed because it involves what I believe to be unfair character death.

When loading through a door, some areas are not safe and I end up getting hit (usually by ranged mobs) before I can even do anything about it. Though is not a problem most of the time because its normally trash mobs, but I had to alt + F4 entering the 3rd level down in the Arkovian Undercity to prevent a ridiculous death.

Upon entering the 3rd floor and moving my character slightly forward to see the first enemy on the screen. I was ambushed by skeletons as usual, but I ended up having 3 champions on me and a bunch of defense up skeletons all betweem me and the door. Of course the first thing to do was spam all my character skills, run around the mobs and go back through the door because there was a horde of more skeletons ahead and another champion. So like anything hard to kill, I was forced to kite through the loading screens. The huge problem is I can’t control my character before I start taking damage leaving me completely vulnerable and almost insta dieing before I get fully out of the load screen.

I understand the game needs difficulty and cornering a player can be part of that, but honestly, 4 champions and strongly buffed melee skeletons pinning someone against a load screen is very frustrating. The mobs in the room just entering the 3rd level is fine, but the ambush is ridiculous.