Make Monsters on Normal scale to your Level

Hey there,

The easiest way to get a head-start for your build is to farm a few devotion points in Crucible prior to entering the Main Campaign. Now, I have done that with a new character, reached level 13 in Crucible and got a few devotions.

The problem is when entering the Campaign on Normal/Veteran, the zombies around Devil’s Crossing are max level 3, they don’t scale further up. I think it would add to the experience if they scaled a bit more on Normal, so we have a reason to actually kill them and not just run past them to complete quests until the mobs are your level.

This only becomes an issue when you start your character in Crucible, just pointing that out again.


It’s to prevent “cheating”. The thing you do is some kind of cheating, and therefore getting free devotion points on Crucible makes you lose exp in normal campaign as a punishment.

I do that too, sometimes, and I never think it’s bad the monsters don’t scale. I like that because I have to choose between progression and free skills/stats.

How is that cheating lmao

You’re starting the game enhanced. So that’s a kind of cheating but not really. I didn’t say it’s straight up cheating.
Crate didn’t intend it to start normal difficulty at level e.g. 40, so this is why I called it “some kind of cheating”. You basically start stronger than you should. Again, I don’t say it’s strictly cheating.

I think it’s a fair drawback. No one is forcing you to do Crucible. You want those tasty devotion points? You better be ready later for some boring playthrough until Krieg’s lab.

Or till level 40. :smiley: I did like ~25 points three times iirc and ended up at level 40. It was a bit boring, but I speedran it and I didn’t feel the boreness that much.

I usually get the first five points resulting level around 15 or so so you start to run into equal levels around Burrowitch or so.
The biggest things in Cruc is the access to Blacksmith and Smuggler early not to mention Inventor to remove components.

Which is an entirely optional, extra purchase, DLC than not everyone has and even the people that do have it, not everyone even plays it… I have it and it’s really not my thing so I never play it any more.

Just to point out that the mobs in Lower Crossing “should” and if not then it’s a bug, scale from level 1-7 or 8. Not a max of level 3

Plus having mobs scale to your level without limit means that you “could” stay in LC and level your char to the max.

Yes you are correct, a bit further down the road they do indeed scale a bit more up, but it’s still too low if you start your character in crucible. My request is not to make the mobs scale all the way to level 100, but maybe to level 10-15.

I suppose gathering a few devotion points before entering the main campaign was a design decision and not a mistake, correct me if I’m wrong. But if it was done by design, the mobs should scale a bit more on Normal in my opinion. It’s not really a big deal, but on the other end it’s also super easy to adjust if Crate wanted to. Cheers :cool:

Just to be awkward, that would then effect the levelcap of the next few areas which would then need to be adjusted so that you’re not overlevelled… which would then mean the rest would “probably” need slight tweaking

Basically afaik the scaling of the mobs is designed for the campaign and for a fresh char. IF you decide to play an entirely optional bit of DLC and choose to use this optional DLC just to boost your starter char, then any probs with mobs not being to your level at the start is your choice entirely :wink:

There’s probably some people that LOVE it as it is, because they can start with a char that clear LC in seconds…shrug