Make "On hit" Devotion procs bindable to Pets?

I like the idea. It will allow to have more interesting approaches for pet-based builds.

I am not experienced enough with Grim Dawn (just 600+ hours according to Steam statistics and most of that time was played with new masteries from mods). So I cannot predict how unbalanced some builds can become. Future will show us.

Would binding pet based procs like “arcane bomb” to a pet skill cause such a big balancing issue when the proc rate can be adjusted accordingly? I mean look at word of pain in max range with all the DoT ticks on huge enemy packs. Did I oversee something or would pets procing pets would actually be a thing? (Beside maybe engine limitations). Would open up some nice combinations and more build diversity. Especially for more lazy build :slight_smile:

The problem with binding pet skills like Arcane Bomb or Elemental Seekers to pets is more mechanical than it being a balancing issue. The game is not designed to work out and handle a pet of a pet of the player.

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