Make physical resist easier to get? Please?

Ultimate is currently unreasonably obnoxious because mobs hit so goddamn hard its annoying. You can stack out every resist to full max and still get raped by a pack of goblins in 3 seconds, or a named riftscourge in 2 hits.

Why? Because they made physical resist incredibly rare, for no reason as far as i can tell. You have to give up about 1 gear slot for each 4-8% outside of wearing a shield. I’m fully willing to give up damage but you gotta give up every single slot to get a decent %…

Its super irritating stacking out all your resists, raising hp thinking your character is prepared for Ultimate only to get smacked down and realize 100% of your effort is pointless because the only stat the remotely means anything is goddamn physical resist!


Put some physical resist on rings/amulets/medals/belts/relics and maybe make them not all 100% soldier full tank focused.

Add in some physical resist auras on some items.

Let 1%/level on conversion in Maiven’s convert incoming enemy physical damage to elemental damage/aether damage.

Tanks can already easily stack up 60%+ physical resist, it’d be nice to get 30% on a caster without losing ridiculous amounts of damage.

Put 1%/level physical resist on oakskin and/or might of the boar

Put physical resist on phantasmal armor, put it at the end of nightblade

Put physical resist on temper, or put it on vindictive flame and remove the %total speed

Put bits of it on level 50+ gear blues/greens/purps

Maybe let classes that aren’t going to get ANY % damage absorb because its not available get some extra physical resist to help them survive ultimate?

Physical damage is a unique animal. It has different rules to follow, and as a result, they’ve kept physical resists low on purpose (I assume). Armor, for example, takes a flat amount of damage off each hit. If you have 1000 armor and 100% armor absorption, every hit has 1000 damage taken off the physical damage, which pretty much makes you immune to the physical damage of many mobs. Then there are abilities like Blackwater Cocktail and War Cry which reduce physical damage by ~25%, which happens before you are hit, and then your armor is applied. Without any physical damage, and the use of those abilities, armor and armor absorption, you’ll find you take very manageable damage. If you choose to focus on other things, you’ll take a lot more.

It might be nice if another class had a physical damage reduction, but if you take Demolisionist or Soldier, physical resists is not at all necessary. If physical resists was plentiful, it would kind of undercut the purpose of physical damage, which is to separate the tank from the damage dealer.

I’d rather see armor made into a useful stat, honestly. Stopping physical damage is literally what armor is designed to do but it’s woefully inadequate at its job. If it weren’t, this whole thing would be a non-issue.

Actually Occultist and Shaman both have access to physical resistance AND damage absorption. In fact, some of my summoner builds can max out physical resistance with procs up.
I was assuming he was referring to some other mastery like Demo.

Well there are people with Arcanist builds who have 2k DA, about 1.3k Armor and they survive just fine?

Armor is just fine imo. I really notice the difference of stacking on 100 or 200 more. Absorbtion also helps big time.

There could be more sources of physical resist yes. At the moment the options are very low. If there where a few small sources of them in a component or a constellation etc it would be awesome. But not too much then it becomes too strong.

I think another problem is that people don’t use CC on melee mobs. You can interupt/disrupt them or make them fumble. I know this is easy to say for a blademaster, but perhaps we should make sure all classes have enough tools to do this. Then you need some skill to survive(press buttons), instead of just smacking on some gear.