Make some mob/boss spells available through items or whatever

There are so many nice spells that enemy uses and make me wonder to be able to acquire it such as some sentinel spells ( poison devastation, poison shard), warlock’s chaos projectile ( the one 3-5, necro skeletons have it too), cthon fiend’s red blood ground thing that causes damage over time if you stand on it ( not soc of course), the aether ground area spell that pops up when some aether bosses die ( same goes for cold version too), witchdoctor’s chain healing, commander lucius’s aether projectile shots… I know some may not fit the game style of the player especially that projectile shots but still they would be nice addition.

I’d kill for the ability to use Shar’Zul’s fiery Wind Devils. I think Zantai said in a stream once that something similar might be in the xpac (though if I’m remembering correctly, even he sounded a bit uncertain himself at the time, so take this with numerous grains of salt - it was a while ago as well, so I may be wrong altogether) so I’ll be a very happy bunny if so. There are definitely a few other attacks I’ve seen before and wished I could use as well.

I don’t think it would be too bad if some bosses retained at least one unobtainable attack though, so that they still have a bit of individuality.

Yeah that one too. Of course their some spells must be their marker but generics should be available in my opinion. Because fx’es and animations are allready set.

Id love to see an increase in the number of item/component spells in general. More Ice/Fire blast, chaos bolt type spells, at least one for each type. Clunky Panettis is not a substitute. Aether tendril is a cool idea but weak in practice, has no force, no impact radius/AOE, no passthrough damage. More persistent area spells like the one squall relic gives. More versatility in their use…I should be able to use a spam able bolt and a support spell with a dagger/wand and focus. Ammo needs empowerment and support skills, not primary attack skills. Fewer radial skills…Calidors, FlashsFreeze, Lightning nova are melee support skills…need more things to lay down an wreck the field, Miasma is great because it persists. Lightning Nova would be great if it arced through the enemies, like that spell in Diablo 1. More longer cool down cone of effect spells, like demons breath, and that vitality one on the 2h gun…but its on a 2h gun, ick.

And yes, some of the mob/boss skills would be cool. In general, more spells not on the trees would be awesome. The more I play the more the Mastery skills get pushed to the role of support with primary skills coming from the items.

I want also spectral strike legendary version of alkamos sycthe :frowning:

In addition to my first post, I want to see anasteria’s castable devastation, Sharzuls fire devil… But poison devastation and poison shards would be cool

Would be cool +99+