Making a Pokemon game in RPGMXP - what aspects of GD should I pay homage to?

Having a lot of fun learning Ruby scripting, pixel art, music theory and getting creative on the game design front with a personal Pokémon project of mine. Making your own project alone requires so much! It really broadens one’s horizons but eats so much time. I have immense respect for proper game developers right now.

I was thinking of new types to add with some Fakemon and it hit me that aether or chaos themed creatures would be cool. This has sent me down a GD rabbit hole!

What other ideas from GD do you think would be cool to play about with? What about the armour system from Insurgence, but with conversions ala GD (modifying type of the holder, aka a new form unlocked by held item). Could do multiple options per mon? (probably pallet swapped versions of the original armours).

What ideas do you have? :grin:


Fakemon Infrequents.

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Great idea! Could treat type and ability as affixes. Perhaps even unique moves ala shaking grass patch.

This makes me think: silvally is held back by item slot being wasted. Would be cool to have a mon with the same, or similar, generic stat line, many catchable forms with different monotypes or type combinations, deep movepool and different abilities per form (perhaps more than 3 to add to the “loot hunt” factor). Would be pretty easy to implement all of this I think. One afternoon to implement it after it’s planned out, plus 1 batch of spritework that can be pallet swapped. There’s an MI mon system right there!