Making more interesting ugdenblooms farm?

Since ugdenbloom is the most important crafting material why it need to be so boring to farm. Doing the same road again and again log off log in. Can we have some ugdenbloom at the end of the 3 rogue dungeons in the last chests it will more fun or even as reward for the bounties quests ?

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You can get them from chests in ugdenbog’s rouge dungeon IIRC. Just don’t expect to be swimming in them.

A good place to farm is edge of sanity - you can farm for dark one’s set

Farm lots of legendaries then open ur own shop titled: all legendaries CHEAP, 5 ugdenbloom each.


Ugdenbloom farm road has

  • Big chance to fight Kuba and get his loot
  • Huge amount of valuable MIs, some of them are almost build enabling
  • Big variety of monsters to test your build while farming at the same time

Comapred to other target farming this is heaven.

Although i wouldn’t mind some challenging place to farm specifically materials. Overall only ugdenbloom and chtonic seal farming i’d call tolerable.