🤯 malawiglenn’s guide on game mechanics for beginners

Is this correct? I would expect the unabsorbed portion to be a % of the attack damage, and not of the armor value

So the formula would be MAX((DAMAGE * ABSORB%)-ARMOR; 0)+(DAMAGE * (1 - ABSORB%)) , so with the quoted example, (1600 * .07)-500+(1600 * 0.3) = 1100 , while the 192 damage would be flattened to 192 * 0.3 because the absorbed portion would go to 0

otherwise, in your scenario, a flat 1 physical damage would result in 150 damage taken by the 500 armor enemy?

This is the first time i spend more then 3h on a game guide like it was 30min, wtf have u made here bro!? Ty 4 sharing it and gratz for the time/effort used doing this!

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I think what he means is the minimum amount going through. In this case it would mean that any damage that is less than the armor amount is only reduced by the percentage (70 in this particular case). So a 6 points damage would get reduced to 6*0.3=1.8 (might also get rounded too, but I am not sure about that)

Yes, any damage lower than your armour would be reduced by your armour absorbtion value. Same could be said about enemies as well.

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When you have competing damage conversions on the same skill, is there any preference to set bonuses over single-item bonuses? See the conversion on Primal Strike in this example. The weapon converts the Lightning component to Physical, and the Rotgheist set bonuses converts the Lightning component to Vitality.

If I’m reading the attack breakdown correctly, it looks like everything is being converted to Vitality except for the weapon damage component, which is remaining as Physical. So that tells me that the Rotgheist 4-piece bonus is taking priority. Is that correct?


As far as i know, that weapon has skill-specific convertion (Lightning -> Physical), as well as set (Lightning ->Vitality), and in the end you get 50% Lightning -> physical and 50% lightning -> vitality.

I have a question.I was looking around and couldn’t find a section for this.I am playing dawn of masteries.Now i got a pet that scales with player bonuses.How does it exactly work?

1.Does pet do same damage type of instance.My toon does lightning does.Does pet do the same?

2.If i have 10k hp does pet have x amount based on player hp pool.

3.If i have cast/attack speed buffs.Would this affect pet attack/cast speed

4 and last one.Does the bonus from items apply to pet aswell for instance you get x elemental resistance.Does this apply to pet?As technically it’s still based on player scaling

hey, tks for the great word @malawiglenn. Just one question about life stealing. When i bind guardian’s gaze on guardian of empyrion. Does the adcth of the devotion affect on me?

If you bind it to indestructible pet like Guardians, it will heal you yes.

But I don’t think it’s optimal binding. Better idea it’s to use sometimes like Bloody Pox or Biting Blades. Vire’s might with at least 1 point in Volcanic Stride it’s worth testing as well.

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tks for your answer. i’m making a poison dervish with 4 guardian of empyrion. So i want something like GOG on them for dmg as well.

Guys, I can’t seem to find info about how resistance reduction from gear is applied.

The one on weapons is applied with any attack, or just with default weapon attacks? What about the one on other gear?

What kind of damage do the various ground hazards do? And can it/they be resisted?

Could you please also add a piece about devotion procs with weapon damage part on them? I mean, when this weapon damage is lost depending on which skill the devotion is bound. Thanks.

For devotions, check out this guide!

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Thanks a lot for pointing me to this very useful article, but this certain piece of information is currently missed there. I guess it was located in referenced Sigatrev’s article about pets, but the link does not work at the moment. Or maybe it was not there at all. I am interested to know all cases when I lose weapon damage part from Twin Fang, Shifting Sands etc.

Resistance reduction is rarely found on the weapons, among their stats. It seems to be a global property (or at least it works with any WD based attack, needs testing).

Other than that there is no resistance reduction on the gear without any specifics. Usually it’s noted as some kind of minispell which does dmg and applies RR. Sometimes it’s a bonus to an existing skill.

All kinds. Ground hazards are usually cast by mobs - in that case you can find the mob in grimtools and look for it’s skills. Not sure if grimtools monster database contains all possible enemy spell sources.

I meant the fixed ground hazards like Aetherfire or the toxic water in Hargate’s Lab. Do those have logical damage types (like Aether and poison) or is it something else?

They deal specific damage but it’s % of your health and you can’t resist it.

You need to search for the small areas without ground damage and recover health. Things like Mirror or Menhir will helps, also health regen, damage absorb and stuff like that.

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Let’s take this suffix as an example - https://www.grimtools.com/db/suffixes/6739

How does it work? only on default weapon attacks, or on any attack?

Wow, didn’t even know about that one, that’s how badly i know rare items :laughing:
It’s interesting that it’s both augments with such property are also for chaos.

It needs testing but i always assumed it’s a global bonus, just like everything else on the list. Just like the Viper constellation works. It certainly can’t be exclusive to a default attack because not every build has one.