manage components

I have many components and parts of them. They are very hard to manage when I have to click them all one by one and take to stash.

I keep them in page 1 of shared stash so they use minimum space across all characters and they are available to all.
I keep parts at the bottom and whole ones at the top.

One mistake and I click the Sort Inventory button and the whole thing is messed up.
Also when I click the Complete Components button sometimes the parts move into the completed area and sometimes the other way round.

All of this is lots of time and effort that is very boring. Can we please have a button to press that just puts them all in a sensible order.

A Search feature would be good as well so we can find the one we need without pointing mouse at them one at a time.
Thank you for reading.

This is not a solution to your main point, but “shift + left click” will transfer an item to/from the open stash page.

Saves me a massive amount of time with my own obsessive hoarding/collection of components.

A lot of tedium could be avoided if clicking the Complete Components button in stash just drew from all the character’s inventory tabs as well.

Why do you do such a tremendous amount of exra work to yourself? Just store them mixed, and Shift-click to move them from the character to the stash, click complete, sort, and done. :slight_smile: They are sorted in alphabetical order, the uncompleted ones are next to the completed ones.