Manticore Poison Glands dropping in Jagged Waste on Playtest 2.0 Instead of Eyes

Im getting multiple stars on my minimap hunting for Manticore eyes when only Poison Glands are dropping and only allowed to carry 1 - this in Jagged Wastes in search of Mogara - shouldnt eyes be dropping instead? why would one need multiple glands when the quest only requires (1)

Since many kinds of manticores can drop the glands, multiples can drop. This is not a bug.

OK thank you sir for the quick reply

hand in the quest and they/glands stop dropping immediately
*glands also doesn’t replace/take away your eye drops, since they are separate items
eyes simply just have low drop rate, and when you have the quest the gland as a quest item have 100%? drop rate from the corresponding champion manticores

What happens is that the glands will continue to drop (and you’ll see the stars on the mini-map for those manticores that may drop them) until you turn in the quest. If you get one, pick it up and then go and turn in the quest immediately the stars no longer appear on the mini-map and the glands will no longer drop.

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