Mantle of Mogdrogen - How to use it?


I got an Mantle of Mogdrogen last time from the god and i really would like to use it just, but i didnt find a way its useful =/ My pet char is beeing near like that lazy pokebuild. I’m also having Spark of Ultos, 2x glpyh and a lot of other petstuff. My problem is that the beastcallers setbonus is important at my current build so i cant switch the beastcallers shoulders against the mogdrogen. thinked about if its possible using that shoulders having hybrid build where pet AND char are doing dmg and having defense. But i’m having rly no clue about lighnting builds so maybe is there already such an build that i dont find? Or someone having a few ideas what i could try? Would be very nice, wanna wear that god mantle :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive read only about an lightning pet build with spark and double glpyh beeing nerved, but i dont find the build itself x.x but with the information that there should also do the pets the whole damage it will also be the case that taunt + the 15% speed with setshoulders are way better or needed i think? =/

You don’t use it because it’s a pretty crappy item. Just stick to Beastcaller shoulders or Mantle of the Patron because they are much better for pet builds.

Mhh thats sad. Can it be useful for some non-pet lightning build?

Ultos shoulders is much better for regular lightning build. Heck, Ulzuin and Light Defender shoulders are better.

Mhh :frowning: Thanks for the information! At least i wanted to give it a try asking :stuck_out_tongue:

I also tried to make something with them but there are just superior items out there. Honestly, Mogdrogen shoulders need a buff, at least some resistances need to be added.

yap a buff would be very nice^^

At the moment it’s just like a lore for me where Mogdrogen is such an
nasty god that he knows u need time to prepare for him in greed of an
reward. But it turns out u will never get his mighty power… or is there a
combination with a god in the expansion ? … we dont know :stuck_out_tongue: