Markovian advantage/ Zolhan technique


Have question how exactly to know when markovian/Zolhan are active? I mean when for example fighting sprit activates you can see an icon. But when i put some points in Markovian/Zolhan i never saw icons. I am using Cadence. But i guess it isnt an issue since i didnt see those icons even when i tryed it without Cadence only on default weapon.

MA and ZT are skills that trigger during a default attack rather than always being active. There are quite a few threads about advanced mechanics of WPS’s (the type of skill that MA and ZT are) but the gist of it is that when you attack with a basic attack or a default attack replacer such as fire strike, savagery, or the first two hits of cadence (but not the third!) then you have a % chance of getting a normal attack or a WPS.

MA and ZT cap out at 25% chance each and cadence replaces the 3rd attack every time, so you’d have 3 strikes with cadence that look like so:

1st hit: 50% normal, 25% MA, 25% ZT
2nd hit: 50% normal, 25% MA, 25% ZT
3rd hit: 100% cadence, 0% MA, 0% ZT

As for visuals, each WPS has its own unique attack animation. MA looks like a vertical strike with a sort of jumping windup. ZT looks like a broad sweeping arc.