May someone assist me with: Drops After Level 100

Hello, I’m new to modding, but have been doing some edits on dbr files and merging stuff like Caravan with other mods.

Would like to ask if someone may help me with item drops after Level 100. I would like to raise the cap level a little bit (to 110) to strech the leveling while hunting items, I also did change the EXP equation a little bit [ here it’s: ((((((playerLevel . playerLevel . playerLevel)^1,16) . 32) + ((playerLevel . playerLevel) . 300)) . 0,1) + 36)^(1 + (playerLevel/1704)) ], it’s almost the same EXP requirement at early levels but starts to go up and up at higher levels, my goal is to make it more “grindy” to gain levels but not ridiculous high (default total EXP at Lv.100 is almost 29.484.383, with this equation it goes to 80.899.974). Just like when we’re Lv.100 we drop items from 82 to 94, I would like to know how I can make it so at Lv.110 I would still have this same range of item level dropping (82~94), if not a solution at least some guidance for where to look at, I’m pretty lost when it comes to monster scalling and item drops.

My worry is about going above Lv.100 and not getting Lv.82 items (I know that Lv.94 items will still drop without problems) or having trouble finding some affixes.

By the way I chose Lv.110 because I noticed that with a character at Lv.200, Celestial Bosses go up to 127 for me, since when the character is Lv.100 they go up to around Lv.112 I chose 110 (hoping there will be a 12ish level gap too, even though it might not be the way I should calc the scalling, but it doesn’t need to be that exact, just close enough).

Thanks in advance and sorry if there was any grammar error, using my self taught english.