Maybe I'm dumb, but Blazerush?

Weirdest shit ever. What are we supposed to do with it?
Fire/Lightning hybrid Upheaval Elementalist?
+3 Deadly Momentum, geez, thanks, my Fire Cadence Warder is going to love this. (Because who prefers this abomination over Infernal Brimstone/Worldeater for a Commando?)
Alright pure fire Grenadier makes sense, but why the +2 Shaman? Would +1 to each Soldier, Shaman and Demo make more sense?

I tried to piece together a Fire/Lightning Elementalist with Ulzuin’s pieces similar to Fluff’s Avatar of Ulzuin Sorcerer once.

Long story short - it ended up really point starved, then I learnt that Upheaval only effects targets in it’s area and not the one you hit it with and kind of sucks so I dropped the idea.

LOL i laughed so hard !
but i actually totaly agree, weird weap, no idea what to do with it in actual state

The only good thing about it is that it’s a faction-available recipe. Other than that I think Shar’Zul’s would win over Blazerush for any build.

If it was merely a budget Worldeater then at least it would have been good for something. But it’s just all over the place.
And most importantly why Upheaval? Why that thing of all skills? Arrgg.

So you have no issues with Grenado on the 2H weapon but Upheaval is a no-no?

Speaking of faction Legendaries, am I also the only one who finds Howl of the Wendigo kind of weird too?

It looks like it’s trying to do Vitality-spam Blade Arc (but has flat Bleed instead of flat Vitality damage that other Vitality weapons like M. Death Omen or M. Damnation have), some sort of Vitality Decay/Bleed hybrid or Bleed build with Necromancer (Necromancer’s only Bleed skill is Blood Boil and the mastery as a whole has no Bleed RR or % crit damage).

What I can say is:

-Keep the flat Bleeding but add in static Vitality damage just beneath the weapon’s Physical damage similar to how M. Quillthrower of Dreeg has a static amount of 130 Acid damage. This is all I’d want to do Vitality Blade Arc I think. The lack of flat Vitality damage just puts me off when so many other weapons have it, hell one of the Conduit skill modifiers does Physical->Vitality for Blade Arc.

-I don’t even know what to do about the skill modifier for Soul Siphon.

I don’t know, haven’t made Grenado builds before. I think it makes more sense due to big flat fire damage bonus. No idea if it could work actually.

I think I can squeeze it into a Valguur Ritualist/Cabalist.

Just wait for a third mastery coming with next expansion? We need something to dump the 100 more skill points we’ll earn on the road to 150. :smiley:

Of course, who doesn’t love hunting for Mythical This Time For Real Guys Ultos Gem?

Pretty much the only part of Ultos I have at the moment :smiley:

Some weird Fire Strike melee Elementalist in Full Ulzuin?