Me & Bro starting from scratch: how to make hard as possible?

Hi guys,

Me & Bro starting new from scratch. I only played the game a bit when it first started and now there are patches and stuff out. I don’t remember what to do, or if there are new ways, in order to make the game as hard as possible? Any mods or something? I remember wanting it to be harder than it initially was.


Veteran mode if you want to stay as close to “vanilla” as possible, especially if you’ve never fully beaten the game yet. If you have already played through a few times, try grimarillion or DAIL compilation mods. Both add quite a few things, so it might be a little too much for you.

So what about crucible dlc ? Is it harder than usual?

It is. The density of enemies is high to very high, there are waves with multiple act bosses, nemesis (up to 3 at once, enjoy) and many others like it. The one with all 3 hidden path bosses is also … interesting. And then there are global modifiers which can make life very hard if you get the wrong combination. And Anasteria, of course, who is more dangerous than many a nemesis.

I found the biggest change in Grimarillion aside from adding more enemies was the sheer number of classes added. If you stick to the base classes only, then that should reduce any confusion.

DAIL is kind of a lot for someone newer to GD since it has many more things crammed into the mod.

Someone here beat normal without spending skill or attribute points. They died over 600 times but they did succeed eventually.

Only 600? Sounds like a fun way to lose your sanity, I mean play the game.