Mechanics of DoTs on attacks

Hey guys, just a few mechanical questions on DoTs on attack skills:

  1. If I have 10 Burn damage on a ring, and I use two different attack skills, or normal attack and an attack skill, do both DoTs tick at full capacity at the same time?
  2. What about if I’m using Savagery and have a WPS? Does the full 10 Burn damage apply to each?
  3. What about different WPSs when used with normal attack or Savagery?
  4. Does the 10 Burn damage that applies on Cadence’s 3rd hit stack with one of the other two in between (I know those two won’t stack with each other).

No to all 4 burn damage on gear will add together and then get multiplied by weapon damage but only the highest will apply.
However if you have a skill like Calidors Remotest +upgrade the burn damage from the skill will stack with the burn from gear as far as I can tell

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  1. All attacks are considered “the same source” (even from different skills). Effects from those dont stack, only strongest will be active.
  2. Since your burn is considered “weapon damage”, it will be multiplied by %weapon damage on attack skills and WPS. For example, if Savagery has 150% weapon damage multiplier, and WPS has 150%, total multiplier will be 225% (=22.5 burn damage for you).
  3. Read 2.
  4. Read 1. and 2.

“dont stack” doesnt mean effects wont apply, or will override each other. The all are placed on enemy, but only the strongest will have “effect” (deal damage, reduce resistances, etc) at any given moment of time, all others will be “inactive”.

Ah damn, was hoping stacking DoTs on gear would be as viable as flat damage :frowning:

Thanks for the replies guys!