Mechanics question: activated skills and Assassin's Mark

Hi all, quick question regarding game mechanics - sorry if this has been answered already, couldn’t find it via search.

If I bind Assassin’s Mark (from the constellation) to a basic attack (here: Amarasta’s Blade Burst), and a different attack activates (e.g. Whirling Death), can the activated attack then proc Assassin’s Mark?

If no, this would mean that the chance of proccing is greatly diminished (ultimately down to zero). In this case, which skill would be good to bind Assassin’s Mark to for a Blademaster early in the game (level 20)?

Amarasta’s Blade Burst will not trigger Whirling Death since Amarasta isn’t a default attack replacer, if you see Whirling Death trigger it is triggering off your default attack which you use when Blade Burst is on cooldown.

If you attach devotion to an actual default attack replacer like Cadence however, then yes: Any skill like Whirling Death that triggers OFF cadence will also carry cadence’s attached devotion. This a very effective way of triggering devotions as the added AoE gives it a greater chance of activation.

Ah, ok - should have read that description on Amarasta’s Blade Burst more carefully ;).

So Cadence seems to be the only default attack replacer for a Blademaster. I read somewhere that the empowered 3rd hit in the cadence can not activate different attacks like Whirling Death, is this correct? Would that make it a bad choice?

Yes, it’s bad for a BM. Use the Mistborn talisman skill until you can use Shard of Beronath (lvl 55 i think).

You can also attach Ass mark to an attack modifier, like AQC for example, it’s usually good enough (this way you can save your main attack for something like Blind fury from the Oleron constellation, or Bull rush from the Bull constellation before you get Oleron). Once you get decent offensive ability and Belgothian’s carnage, you can proc Ass mark trough Shadow strike.

Or you can assign 1 point into Blade Spirit and it will proc Assasin’s Mark for you

Thanks for all the helpful replies! Guess I will quickly move up to Blade Spirit then and read up where and when I can obtain the suggested items.

Don’t bother with blade spirit, it’s not worth the long casting time and it’s slow as fuck.